John  Archer got a standing ovation in the ‘Penn & Teller Theatre’, without Penn and Teller on the stage!

PENN JILLETTE - Penn & Teller (Vegas legends)

Booking an act for my Dad's 70th birthday, I wanted a great act and went straight to John Archer- his reputation in the magic world is among the very best. I was so pleased he was able to do it, and he absolutely brought the house down. It was brilliant, hysterically funny, and perfectly pitched for the occasion. He made the evening. I'd recommend him unreservedly.

DERREN BROWN  - TV Magician and Psychological Illusionist

Go and see this man live before television ruins him. Pure magic, pure class.”

GAVIN YATES - BBC News Website

One of the funniest men I know.

TIM VINE - Comedian and TV Presenter

It saddens me that in leaving the full-time professional world of television when I did, I forsook the opportunity to make John Archer into a star. Without doubt he represents for the new century what Paul Daniels did back in the eighties. Strong magic and great comedy seldom come in the same package. If Eric Morecambe - with an added touch of Les Dawson - had been born a magician, he would have been John Archer. His star must and will shine soon. Promoted carefully, he could even be as big as Tommy Cooper.

JOHN FISHER – former 'Head of Entertainment, Thames Television

John Archer is so funny that it takes you a while to realise that he's also an outstandingly original and innovative magician. He is the outstanding magical entertainer of his generation.

GEOFFREY DURHAM - Magician and TV Personality

John Archer is the exception to the myriad of foul-mouthed, offensive contemporaries. Eschewing political satire and sexist smut, he makes his mark with more traditional, throwaway gags, a smidgen of music and teasingly inventive magic tricks.

Anyone who can make mentalism funny has my unqualified admiration - and that person is John Archer.

ALI BONGO - Magical legend

Those who think that comedy and mentalism can't be weaved together have not seen John Archer perform. John's comedy is brilliant, fresh and fast, yet it takes absolutely nothing away from the serious mystery of what it is he is performing. In fact quite often the comedy (take his blindfold routine for example) adds to the impossibility of the demonstration.

BANACHEK - One of USA's top Mentalists

John Archer is charming, disarming and easy to like.

Powerful and incredibly entertaining

5 STARS Edinburgh Evening News


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