After dinner magic with
John Archer

The first man to fool Penn & Teller onITV’s “Penn & Teller - Fool Us”

Hosted by Jonathan Ross.

A successful dinner is about more than fine food and good wine, it’s not just about the great company, though all those things are important. A good dinner should be remembered for what made it different and so often that can be the entertainment. John Archer is a fine after dinner treat, Certainly one of the best Comedy Magicians in the UK at the moment and the choice of hundreds every year to make their event a little bit special.

Take a look through the pages here, see what people have to say about him on the Quotes page. Check out is his awards and TV credits on the Credits page. Read about what John could do for you. If you are interested then Contact him.

Booking an act for my Dad's 70th birthday, I wanted a great act and went straight to JOHN ARCHER - his reputation in the magic world is among the VERY BEST.    Hysterically funny, and perfectly pitched for the occasion. He made the evening. I'd recommend him unreservedly.

DERREN BROWN - TV Magician and Psychological Illusionist

You could put John Archer

ANYWHERE and he would KILL an audience

PENN JILLETTE - Penn & Teller

One of the  Funniest men I know

Tim Vine - Comedian

Powerful and incredibly entertaining- 5 Stars

John Archer will blow your mind.               He is the Funniest man I know.

Seeing him perform is

Guaranteed to be one of the

BEST experiences of your life!

DYNAMO - Magician Impossible